Voxxy’s Genius Moves With WeTV

WeTv and Iflix alike are two established video on demand services offering exclusive content for the latest Tv shows made in China, Thailand, Korea and Japan accessible to viewers all across the South Asian continent.

The aim of this campaign was to promote Bad Genius, a nail biting teen thriller series that is an adaptation of the famous Bad Genius, the acclaimed movie from 2017. Voxxy’s goal was to increase awareness and promote the series both on WeTV and the iflix app through innovative content. Additionally, to drive more viewers on both the apps throughout Indonesia.

Voxxy partnered with the popular creators Jerome Polin and Chandra Liow, both of whom have a tremendous viewer base and perfectly fit with the target market demographics. We promoted a video of them reviewing the show on Youtube, with additional reaction videos shared on their social media.

YouTube proved to be an excellent platform to garner viewer’s attention. Moreover, the innovative and humorous plot for the video featuring two widely influential Youtubers generated terrific engagement and buzz for WeTV, iflix and the series itself.

Furthermore, content created based on the Influencer’s personality struck a chord among the viewers and increased the reliability factor. Marketing through Reaksi-Editor by Chandra Liow resulted in high engagement and proved to be a great move. Tools like the “link in description” to redirect the audience also played a crucial role in generating a significant CTR.

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